Valour Introduces First CORE ETP and Expands HBAR ETP

In a recent surge of innovative financial products centered around blockchain technologies, DeFi Technologies’ subsidiary Valour Inc. has announced two milestone achievements that mark the continuous integration of digital assets into traditional financial markets. Valour has successfully launched the world’s first CORE Exchange Traded Product (ETP) and expanded its already pioneering Hedera (HBAR) ETP on the Highlight Stock Market.

The Valour CORE ETP represents a groundbreaking way for investors to gain exposure to the Core blockchain by utilizing a unique Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism. This new ETP is not just a financial instrument but also an entry point into the innovative technologies that underpin the growing cryptocurrency sector.

Complementing its suite of investment products is the Valour Hedera ETP, offering access to Hedera’s energy-efficient cryptocurrency, HBAR. Known for its low-energy consumption and high-performance capabilities, Hedera has been gaining attention in the blockchain community for its sustainable approach to distributed ledger technology.

These product launches strengthen the partnership between Valour and the Core Foundation, which was initially cemented with the successful launch of the Valour Bitcoin Staking ETP. This development reaffirms DeFi Technologies’ commitment to bridging the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of decentralized finance by increasing the availability of digital asset products on standard exchanges.

Designed to cater to both retail and institutional investors looking for innovative digital asset investment opportunities, the ETPs symbolize Valour’s commitment to providing secure and straightforward access to leading digital assets. The Highlight Stock Market, based in Sweden, was chosen as the venue for these new ETPs, signifying its first offering of such financial products.

Olivier Roussy Newton, CEO of DeFi Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about extending beyond conventional asset classes and providing investors with inventive and accessible options in the digital asset landscape. The ETPs facilitate investment in CORE and HBAR, aligning with the technology’s ethos and investors’ expectations for convenience and security.

Valour Inc.’s decision to list their ETPs on the Highlight Stock Market aligns with the market’s strategic direction towards fostering high-growth companies and becoming a leading platform in the Nordic region. It also underscores the synergies between the aims of both entities to broaden the scope of investment opportunities in digital assets.

In the wider context of Valour’s offerings, this move enhances a diversified product lineup, which already includes ETPs based on Uniswap (UNI), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and several others, providing a range of investment choices for various investor preferences and risk tolerances.

As the asset management section of DeFi Technologies Inc., Valour continues to be at the forefront of a revolution in financial industry interactions, propelled by Web3 technologies. The Highlight Stock Market, conversely, looks to cultivate its position by expanding the international trade opportunities and product ranges available to investors and listed companies. Valour Inc. and Highlight Stock Market together are poised to make significant strides in how the world engages with investment in the rapidly evolving digital asset space.

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