Ripple’s Legal Win: A Breakthrough for XRP and Crypto


In a pivotal development for the cryptocurrency industry, Judge Amy Berman Jackson has affirmed the decisive ruling by Judge Analisa Torres regarding Ripple’s XRP token. Judge Jackson’s support of the earlier decision signified a major win for Ripple and the broader crypto sector, effectively establishing that XRP does not fulfill the requirements of an investment contract as per the Howey Test, and therefore is not to be classified as a security.

Judge Jackson’s endorsement of Judge Torres’ landmark decision resonates through the industry as it lends credibility to the argument that not only XRP, but also other cryptocurrencies like Binance’s BNB, do not constitute securities. This sets a formidable precedent for ongoing and future litigation in the U.S. crypto sphere, including big names like Coinbase, Kraken, and Consensys.

The ruling sparked a wave of optimism among the XRP community and advocates such as lawyer Bill Morgan, who views this legal affirmation as a robust example to be cited in future court cases involving cryptocurrencies. Not surprisingly, XRP’s market value reacted to these events as it experienced a surge, gaining more than 1% and showing aspirations to reach the $0.50 threshold—a sign of bolstered investor confidence following Judge Jackson’s decision.

Although the ruling marks a significant victory for Ripple, it is important to note that the battle may not be entirely over. The SEC still holds the potential to overturn this momentum depending upon appeals and possible changes in the regulatory landscape. However, as lawyers like Fred Rispoli suggest, an important aspect to watch in the near term is how Judge Torres will address remedies and injunctions, which are expected to be ruled on within a 60-90 day timeframe after the most recent briefs have been reviewed.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are hailing the decision as a positive development for the industry at large, signaling a maturation in the legal understanding of digital assets and their complex interplay with existing financial regulations. While the final outcomes of Ripple’s saga with the SEC remain to be seen, the recent rulings certainly position the pioneering company and its native token XRP in a more favorable light amidst a convoluted regulatory framework. Moving forward, the ripple effects (no pun intended) of these legal proceedings are likely to influence the cryptocurrency ecosystem substantially, potentially shaping the path for regulatory clarity and acceptance in the United States and beyond.

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