Unveils Lif3 Chain in Collaboration with evmOS

In a significant development in the blockchain sector, has announced a strategic partnership with evmOS to launch the Lif3 Chain. This collaboration marks the creation of the world’s first Layer-1 solution equipped with curated DeFi contracts.

Lif3 Chain has been engineered for public and permissionless access, integrating IBC and EVM compatibility. This innovative platform fosters curated contract development, advancing the blockchain landscape. One of the key objectives of is to eliminate the barriers that impede widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Through the Lif3 Mobile App, users will have access to a suite of services encompassing investing, trading, and gaming, which are aimed at enhancing user experience and engagement.

Harry Yeh, Managing Director of Quantum FinTech Group, emphasized the significance of the partnership with evmOS, noting its potential to bolster security and optimize the efficiency of smart contract deployments. This partnership is poised to redefine the standards of blockchain technology, facilitating a more secure and efficient framework for smart contracts. has established compatibility with various blockchain networks including Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, and BNB Chain. The platform’s native token, $LIF3, has garnered listings on notable exchanges such as Bitmart, MEXC, and Bitfinet, which underscores its growing acceptance and liquidity in the market.

evmOS stands out as an interoperable EVM blockchain offering comprehensive customization of chain logic for projects that extend beyond the conventional scope of generic smart contract platforms. This alliance between and evmOS is set to introduce an innovative layer 1 blockchain, which is designed to democratize access to blockchain technology for all users.

Moreover, this collaboration is expected to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of the Lif3 Wallet. With vetted smart contracts, users can enjoy improved access to digital assets and a more trustworthy environment.

Finally, by fostering collaboration among’s DeFi offerings and multiple blockchain networks, the partnership aims to empower developers and enterprises, spark innovation, and drive growth within the blockchain ecosystem. Thus, it marks a pivotal step towards a more integrated and secure blockchain future.

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