Hidden Road Joins Forces with Bitfinex

In the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency prime brokerage services, a significant partnership has emerged between Hidden Road and Bitfinex. Hidden Road, a prime brokerage renowned for its support across multiple asset classes and backed by the prominent Citadel Securities, has turned a new page by aligning with Bitfinex, one of the veteran players in the crypto exchange arena.

The partnership promises to endow Hidden Road’s institutional offering with an array of digital assets and sophisticated security tools, courtesy of Bitfinex’s integration. This arrangement is set to bolster a gamut of services, including derivatives and spot trading, peer-to-peer financing, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, and margin trading. Bitfinex, which is under the umbrella of iFinex—the parent company of the world’s preeminent stablecoin, Tether (USDT)—is anticipated to deliver cutting-edge trading capabilities and unrivaled liquidity to the table. Emphasizing on this robust potential, Bitfinex’s head of business development, Bill Brindise, conveyed a strong sense of optimism regarding the provision of premier trading features and liquidity to customers.

This strategic cooperation comes on the heels of Hidden Road’s decision to cease its crypto services in connection with Bybit. Discrepancies in Know Your Customer (KYC) verification methods and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes precipitated the previous partnership’s discontinuation in May 2024. The pivot to Bitfinex could be heralding a refined and sturdier institutional framework for Hidden Road’s clientele.

Founded in 2018, Hidden Road has manifested a diverse portfolio, delivering prime brokerage services not only in cryptocurrencies but also in foreign exchange and precious metals. With aspirations of elevating its valuation to the tune of $1 billion, Hidden Road projected a fundraising endeavor in April 2023, aiming to amass $120 million in new capital.

As with most deals of this caliber, the crypto community has shown fervent interest in the specifics and implications of the Hidden Road-Bitfinex partnership. Both firms have been approached for further elucidation; however, at the time of publication, no additional comments have been forthcoming.

While the full impact of this alliance will unfold over time, the integration of Hidden Road’s institutional services and Bitfinex’s digital asset platform marks a significant milestone in the maturation of crypto prime brokerage services. It reflects a persistent trend of institutions seeking solid, regulated partners to navigate the complex and dynamic terrain of the crypto markets.

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