Gemini Boosts Derivatives with Kaiko Data Alliance

In a significant move that promises to enhance the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Kaiko, a leading provider of crypto market data, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Gemini Foundation. This collaboration stands as a testament to the growing interconnectivity between various branches of the cryptocurrency industry and highlights the crucial role of reliable data in sophisticated financial instruments like derivatives.

Gemini Foundation operates as the derivatives trading arm of the established cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini. With the advent of this partnership, Gemini Foundation plans to integrate Kaiko’s Benchmark Reference Rates into its derivatives platform. This is an instrumental development that aims to bolster the platform’s infrastructure by incorporating a more stable and secure source of accurate market prices.

Derivatives trading, a complex and multifaceted aspect of the digital asset industry, involves contracts based on the future price of underlying assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL). The involvement of Kaiko is set to enrich the trading experience on Gemini’s platform for users engaged in these derivative contracts. Accurate pricing is essential in derivatives trading as it affects everything from contract valuation to strategy implementation, risk management, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Kaiko’s data solutions play a pivotal role in achieving market transparency and reliability. By aggregating pricing data from a selected pool of verified exchanges, the company is capable of calculating an equitable market value price. This process ensures that traders and investors have access to an accurate representation of global crypto market trends, enabling informed decision-making.

This partnership aligns closely with the mission of, which has been steadfast in its efforts to make cryptocurrency accessible to all since its establishment in 2015. offers an extensive array of services, including educational materials, objective news, and self-custodial products. It serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to buy, spend, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies while keeping up to date with the latest developments in the crypto and financial technology (fintech) sectors.

The alliance between Kaiko and Gemini Foundation is expected to bring about a significant improvement in the way derivatives trading is conducted within the cryptocurrency space. As the convergence of traditional finance and digital assets continues to deepen, partnerships like these are critical in driving innovation, efficiency, and trust in the industry. With a focus on precision and transparency, both established and aspiring traders can look forward to a more robust and secure derivatives trading environment.

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